Hello, nice to meet you!

“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”
– Conrad Hall

Competative and eager
to never give up

I'm a professional digital designer and front-end web developer with over 1 year experience.

I am experienced in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, and a whole host of other technologies, platforms, and libraries. Whatever your needs are, I will find a solution that fits. I studied at BCIT taking "New Media Web Design and Development" and graduated with destintion.

I have worked for Calemazoo, a productivity app company, where I managed their social media champaigns and designed/developed websites. Also, I designed print materials for Calemazoo's booth at the 2016 Asia Business Conference where I worked closely with print companies to produce t-shirts, posters, postcards, and business cards. In 2015, I worked for Vision Critical creating web pages, email templates, and web banners for their client's such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Samsung, Kaboom, and more.

I constantly strive to learn and prosper vigorously with my peers and individually in this dynamic field. Solving problems for clients from ideas and challenges that translate into design solutions in digital mediums of web, tablet, and mobile fuels my passion as a developer and designer.

I love to travel

I've been to Taiwan, Indonesia, America and I plan to add more to my list. What intrigues me about traveling is the different cultures, art, and food!

I play video games

I've played numerious games since I was little till now. I mainly play FPS, RPS, and MMORPG PC games; however, I do like console games but it's not my go-to.

I watch Game of Thrones

If I were to pick a favorite show to watch it would have to be Game of Thrones because I love the dynamics of the show and attention to detail.


innovative time solutions website screenshot

Innovative Time Solutions

website design

ITS assigned me to design a paralax scrolling website that was professional and clean. They wanted a brochure style website that wasn't heavy on content. I worked closely with content managers to successful excute delivery.

IT Superheroes website screenshot

IT Superheroes

website design

IT Superheroes wanted a paralax scrolling website and logo that was fun and modern. I had fun designing a simple site that my client was looking for and functionally responsive for mobile use.

Marriott Hotel website screenshot

Marriott Hotel

UI design

Vision Critical assigned me to design two webpages for their client Marriott Hotel. The design style requirements were that the site should appeal to young adults and maintain Marriott Hotel's level of class.

BB&T UI display


UI design

Vision Critical assigned me to design two webpages for their client BB&T. The design requirements were that the site should appeal modern and clean but not show signs of BB&T brand.

Ready to do something?

I'm always open to ideas, opportunities, and collaboration! Let's get to know each other.